An Interview with Zephyr Pickell - Hotel By The Mansion Video

Mike's new promo for Hotel By The Mansion, from the True Stories album, is a fun LEGO® stop motion video made by Zephyr Pickell, a 12-year-old from British Columbia, Canada. We sat down with Zephyr to find out what inspires him, how he made the video, and which LEGO® movie is better. Here's what he had to say:

1. Who's your favourite superhero and why?

Either Thor or Spider-Man. Thor because he’s strong, powerful, and funny. Spider-Man because he’s relatable, funny, and cool.

2. What's your favourite sport?


3. What's your dream job when you grow up?

A movie director. 

4. What's your favourite LEGO set?

It’s called LEGO City Square. 

5. Which is better - LEGO Movie 1 or LEGO Movie 2 - and why?

The LEGO Movie 1 because it’s such an original and cool idea. But the LEGO Movie 2 was awesome as well. 

6. How did you first get hooked on Lego?

My parents were given a HUGE bin of LEGO when I was about 5, and I just loved building crazy things. I would play with it for hours!

7. How many hours did it take you to make the video for Mike?

It took about 56 hours in total.

8. Which camera did you use?

An iPhone camera. 

9. Which software/app did you use?

An app called Stop Motion Studio. 

10. Had you ever made a video like this before?

I’ve made tons of short little stop motion movies over a few years, but I’ve never made a music video before!

Wow, awesome! Thanks so much, Zephyr, for the little glimpse into what inspires you. We'll definitely keep an eye out for your name and any more videos you end up making.

Keep up the amazing work!