"Mike Field wails in on trumpet like a gliding bird"
-John Apice, No Depression

Mike Field - jazz trumpeter and composer, singer-songwriter

Raised in Canada and the USA, jazz trumpeter, composer and vocalist Mike Field is known for his bright and energetic music. His works have earned him a series of prestigious awards, and he travels around the world performing his original compositions with local musicians at jazz festivals and clubs. Whether he's playing one of his standard-like instrumental jazz tunes or singing a silly world-music vocal piece, his music is a mix of fun, technical ability and cultural influences.

Recent accolades include winning the worldwide Independent Music Award for Jazz Music Producer (Ghost And The Paperboy 2018), the Toronto Independent Music Award for Best Jazz Vocals (Magnolia 2017), and reaching #1 on the Canadian Jazz Charts (Attic Jump 2016). Notable recent concerts include the Nelson Jazz Festival in New Zealand, the Grampians Jazz Festival in Australia, the Newmarket and Niagara-on-the-Lake Jazz Festivals in Canada, The Lighthouse Cafe in Los Angeles, SCAT Jazz Club in Madeira and Gregory's Jazz Club in Rome.

Mike's philosophy is that life is too short to take it seriously, so we should have as much fun as possible. And this shows in his music - similar to how Louis Armstrong, Louis Jordan and Brian Setzer have done in the past. His melodies are dynamic, exciting and since learning languages and traveling to all corners of the world have always been part of Mike's life, the titles of his songs often reflect movement and cultures - such as Five Days in Hermosa, High Altitude or the Latin-flavoured tune, Train Station Frustration.

Mike began studying trumpet when he was 10 years old with private teachers from the Toronto Symphony Orchestra and later New York University, and taught himself to play rhythm guitar and write music. In 2007, he left a PhD in Spanish Computational Linguistics when he realized playing music would be so much more fun. He is an unsigned, independent solo artist, he has four full albums (True Stories, Attic Jump, Rush Mode and Ashes) and is currently touring to promote his latest works.

He performs regularly in Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand and Europe, with the odd concert in South Korea, Chile and Antarctica.

"Attic Jump lives up to its name, boldly swingin' from start to finish"
-Howard Druckman, SOCAN Words & Music