New Zealand North Island Concerts January 2015

The North Island leg of our 2015 New Zealand Tour took us to a couple great places. First, we visited Auckland and we were welcomed by the Jazz and Blues Club at the Point Chevalier RSA. Next, we were off to Hamilton to play for the Hamilton Jazz Society (for the third year running) at their new location - the Cosmopolitan Club. Finally, our third concert was at Nivara Lounge, a hip new new jazz club smack in the middle of downtown Hamilton. All shows were a great success, the listeners were attentive, there were many familiar faces and some brand new fans!

A big thank you to the North Island band, all the organizers, sound technicians and supporters!

Special thanks to: Simon Hopewell (President, Hamilton Jazz Society), Ivan (Owner, Nivara Lounge), Mike Walker (President, Auckland Jazz & Blues Club), Tristan Deck (Drums), Connor McAneny (Piano), Asher Truppman Lattie (Saxophone), Eamon Edmundson-Wells (Bass), Bill Forrest, Tracey Hopewell and Team Te Akau South.

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