Beginning of New Zealand Tour 2015

Guess where we are! It's about 25 degrees outside on December 26th, light till 9pm, the official Christmas tree is called a "pohutakawa", the people who live here have the same name as a cuddly looking, flightless bird and the national pasttime is a game that somewhat looks like baseball but seems to never end... Well, everyone who has been following us online or in person for the past few years would know by now - we are back in New Zealand! Currently on the ferry from Wellington to Picton, today is the official start to our fourth New Zealand tour! We can assure you even the fourth time around, it never gets boring touring this beautiful part of the globe. After a rehearsal in Christchurch tomorrow, we will be playing our first show in Picton on December 29. If you are in the neighbourhood, please come by and join us! Please also feel free to check out our other gigs around the country here:

Here are some first pictures for you — more are sure to follow!

img 3647

img 3650

img 3653