Concert in Kiev, Ukraine for Savik Shuster

Last weekend, we surprised a fan by showing up at his birthday party in Kiev, Ukraine. We couldn't mention it beforehand lest we ruin the surprise. But once it was all said and done, it was one of those amazingly special experiences that reminds you you're doing the right thing.

The birthday boy was the gracious Savik Shuster (?????? ???????), the famous Ukrainian talk show host and Time Magazine International's Person-of-the-Year. It turns out, Savik studied at McGill University in Montreal! The whole evening was a beautifully elaborate production at the Savik Shuster Studio (????? ?????? ??????), carefully choreographed by the wonderful Irina Nebesnik (????? ????????). Here are some photos of our hosts Savik, Irina, Pavel (Mr. Paul).

Mike Field, Savik Shuster, Pavel (Mr. Paul)

Mike Field and Irina Nebesnik


All five of us flew over from Toronto and we performed in their incredible new TV studio. So much fun! Here is a shot of the opening band on stage, and some photos of very happy musicians. (Paul Metcalfe, Matt Roberts, Dave Chan, Teri Parker and me!)

Stage at Savik Shuster Studio with Mike Field in Kiev, Ukraine

Mike Field Quintet and Pavel (Mr. Paul)

full band

Mike Field, Dave Chan and Paul Metcalfe in Kiev, Ukraine


And although we flew halfway around the world for only three nights, our hosts were so welcoming they invited us one additional day to tour their beautiful city.

Rooftop of St. Sophia Cathedral in Kiev, Ukraine

Mike Field and Teri Parker talking to students in Kiev, Ukraine

Teri Parker outside St. Sophia Cathedral in Kiev, Ukraine

Mike Field and Matt Roberts in Kiev, Ukraine

? ???? ????????, ?????! (Happy Birthday, Savik!) It was really great to meet you.