The Rex Hotel, Toronto Jazz Festival, Summerlicious

Being back in Toronto after six months of touring has been really great so far. We started out with an exciting performance at The Rex Hotel - Scott Kemp was on bass, Paul Metcalfe on tenor, Amanda Tosoff on piano and Dave Chan on drums. Thanks always to Maya Dornig for the amazing photos!

mike field plunger mute trumpet

paul metcalfe scott kemp rex hotel

the rex hotel mike field crowd

mike field rex hotel guitar

mike field rex hotel guitar 2

Next, we started our summer concert series at Harlem Restaurant and played a couple shows during the Toronto TD Jazz Festival. Matt Roberts was on bass this time.

toronto jazz festival mike field sign

mike field toronto jazz festival

And finally, Harlem Restaurant took part in this year's Summerlicious, and the venue was even more packed than usual! Amazing food! Adam Teixeira and Ben Dietschi joined us on drums and tenor sax.

adam amanda ben and matt 

mike field and ben dietschi

mike field trumpet