A very scenic start - New Zealand Tour 2013/14

It was a very, very scenic drive yesterday from Christchurch over the Lewis Pass to Takaka where we'll be playing our first show tonight. The tour has officially begun! We started the Saturday morning with a rehearsal at the amazing Performance Arts Centre of Chisnellwood Intermediate School in Christchurch. What a great arts program and amazing facilities they have there! We definitely feel very privileged to be able to use the space and to meet some of the passionate people who run the program! Thanks to Judith Bell for not only being incredibly nice and lending us a piece of equipment that seemed to be unavailable at any local music store but also for inviting us for Christmas dinner at her house! (We had to decline as we had plans and celebrated Christmas with friends in Hokitika on the west coast.) We could not have wished for a warmer welcome to the South Island of New Zealand for our tour!!

The drive yesterday was very picturesque — we drove through landscapes that looked like they were right out of a travel catalogue! In the evening, we even got to witness an amazing sunset over Takaka Hill — just stunning!

Tonight is our first show of the South Island part of our tour. We will be playing at the Mussel Inn from 9pm ish. If you are in the neighbourhood, come in and hear us play!

Mike Field Jazz New Zealand Tour Mike Field Jazz NZ Tour
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