Did you know? We are shooting the RUSH MODE Music video this week!

Exciting times! On Friday November 22nd we are finally shooting our first ever professional music video! It will be for the title track of our latest album RUSH MODE. To go with the theme, we have picked some great locations all around Toronto. Only down side? We are starting to film at 7am - brrr - but when better to capture "Rush Mode"?

Pictures of the video shoot to come shortly!

 ...just received this e-mail from Rich - our producer - on the story line for the video:

"I've really developed the idea since our meeting, incorporating more of a story.  Now the beginning will follow you through the start of a day. You make breakfast, you get ready for work, we see you on the TTC crammed in with everyone else.  You emerge from the subway and are dwarfed by skyscrapers as you jockey for position amongst every other suit trying to make his/her way up the corporate ladder.
 You stop, you look up at the skyscrapers to a little crack where you can see a bit of blue sky.  You've been carrying a case with you, and the audience automatically assumed it's just another briefcase, but when you open it, it reveals a trumpet.  You start to play Rush Mode.
 The beginning of the video chronicles your journey, but as we watch the video progress we begin to see others who are just like you.  We see Kevin playing guitar on a roof and Paul playing sax on a bridge - all of these represent guys just like you, taking a break from the rush to play along with it.
 Finally when we come to the chorus at the end, the whole band is playing together in the graffiti alley on Queen.  I'm hoping that the burst of color and loose lettering in the background act as a nice visual contrast to the rest of the video which up until this point is very mechanical and clockwork.
I hope that explains a little of what I'm going for.  If you have any questions or comments I'm all ears. 
Can't wait for Friday. 
What do you guys think??