5 reasons people hate jazz, and 5 ways to cure them (article from CBC.ca)

An interesting article we just found on cbc.ca. Maybe worth sharing with friends who aren't into Jazz (yet)?

The full Article can be found HERE - a little sneak preview below.

Some people hate jazz. Not just "dislike" or "find irritating," or even "don't get." No, they hate it. Some have even been known to say, "God, I really hate jazz!!!" Leaving the Lord out of it, this negativity makes jazz lovers wonder, "Why?"

If you look closely at people with jazz-hatred issues, you'll find five root causes of this sad disease, outlined below. However, there are possible cures. Today's jazz-hater may become tomorrow's jazz-tolerator.

1. Fear of the unknown:

Symptom: Feeling, as fatmammycat does, that "there are two types of people in this world, people who like jazz and people who would rather perforate their ear drum with a rusty knitting needle than listen to it."
Cure: Stay away from knitting needles. Also, consider this. Some jazz does not sit easily with the musical memory, thought to be a factor in whether or not most people are drawn to specific kinds of music. That's part of why jazz, at first listen, may seem unknowable. The cure? Make it knowable.
Take one fun jazz tune; listen to it once a week until you realize you don't hate it.

Read the full article HERE