RUSH MODE CD Release Concert Review in the Examiner

Thank you to Christina Strynatka for coming out to the CD release of Rush Mode last night and writing this great review for the Examiner about the concert!

Field's jazz on foggy Sunday night lifts Toronto's spirits

Mike Field
Rating: 5-Star
October 6, 2013

The beauty of The Rex is that it's very cleverly advertised, but not in the way of overt messaging. Rather, its allure lies in the cracked open window that aurally seduces passers-by with its whispers of jazzy music built upon years of promise. And once you resigned yourself to another temptation, you would have been treated to ocher-painted walls and a chandelier giving the stage a warm glow. The only thing missing were the ashtrays and smoky air, rendered obsolete by law.

On Oct. 6, 2013, trumpeter Mike Field was the latest fare to taste, giving jazz fans a wide open look at his latest CD, Rush Mode. Dressed in an open white shirt, single-breasted black jacket and slim fit pinstriped slacks, Field had the crowd eating out of his hand. It was evident that most of the crowd hadn't just wandered in off the street that night, with the place so filled you could only find a seat or two if you didn't mind being separated from your pack.

Field's music selection was so varied and interesting, it was nigh impossible to remember one song as standing above another. "Attic Jump", a peppy tune, featured Field playing his trumpet bright and snappily the way a good jazz trumpet should sound. It's easy to lose yourself in jazz and forget how inherently difficult playing it can actually be, and a good musician keeps it that way for the entire song. When Field and Metcalfe worked together in combination, each snapping out individual notes that together created a seamless melody, Field had reached his mark.

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