What's the Song "Number Three" About?

Number Three is the third song I ever wrote for my band. It was a melody that came to me in 2007 while living on Bay Street in downtown Toronto. I was in the middle of my first (and only) year of a PhD in Hispanic Linguistics at the University of Toronto, and the band had starting performing regularly at Zazou, upstairs from The Saint Tropez on King Street.

This was the beginning of the time I realized I have all these molodies in my head, and I really needed to get them out. I also felt a responsibility to get them out, because I'm so fascinated by the fact that humans can have melodies in their heads at all.

I didn't have a piano in my apartment - only an acoustic guitar - so I figured out some chords on the guitar that fit the melody.

At the time, I was listening to the song #47 by the Dave Matthews Band. So I thought I'd be as uncreative as them and name the song #3.