Interview with Mike Field in The Examiner

A nice piece from The Examiner. Christina Strynatka sat down with Mike last week to talk about composing jazz, the new album project and how he got into playing music. In conversation with: Mike Field

September 30, 2013
Jazz is inherently complex and sexy, its syncopated rhythms and improvised chord changes lending it a sophisticated feel, yet still retaining the basic elements of music: rhythm, harmony and melody. But if you ask trumpet player Mike Field, it takes a lot of practice to sound that way.

MFJ Hart_House

"I felt like I was constantly struggling just to stay afloat," he said of his days playing jazz in New York City. "There were 16-year-olds, and these guys would get up on stage and-" mimics wild jazz playing "-and I would get up onstage and be like-" gives three trumpet sounds. "That was about all I could do then. It was a really intense learning process.

"But there was this day when everything just clicked. I remember my teacher actually said to me after I went into one improv class. I used what I learned that day when it clicked, and the teacher was like, 'Hey, Mike, I don't know what you did but it's not such a drag to listen to you anymore.'"

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